As a PISP, you are allowed to authenticate in a user’s account with the following permissions:

  1. read account information

    • legal name

    • IBAN

  2. initiate payments (create draft payments)

  3. confirm that the account balance is sufficient for covering the payment (will be available in upcoming releases)

Once a bunq user has confirmed they want to make a payment via your application, you can initiate the payment confirmation flow.

  1. Open a session to the bunq server.

  2. Get the id of the account you want to use to receive the money from the bunq users:

    • Call GET v1/monetary-account. Check the ids of the accounts and save the id of the account you want to transfer customer money to

  3. Create a draft payment.

    • Call POST v1/draft-payment and pass the following parameters:

      1. monetary-accountID

      2. userID

      3. the customer’s email address, phone number or IBAN in the counterparty_alias

  4. If the user confirms their intent to make the payment, we carry out the transaction.

  5. Check the status of the payment via GET v1/draft-payment using the draft payment id parameter returned in the previous step.