What is a tab?

A tab is a page that allows a bunq user to pay for a product or service using a QR code or app redirect. You have seen tabs when paying online or making a POS purchase via bunq.

A tab has nothing to do with a browser tab. It is a bill in a restaurant or in a store.

What is a Wildcard API key?

A Wildcard API key allows you to make API calls from any IP address after registering a device via POST v1/device-server.

You can switch to using a Wildcard API Key in 2 ways:

  1. Manually by tapping on “Allow All IP Addresses” in the settings of your API key in the bunq app.

  2. Programmatically by passing your current IP and a * (asterisk) in the permitted_ips field of the POST v1/device-server call (e.g: ["", "*"]).